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IWC Big Pilot Replica

What's the best thing about France? You may think of delicious foods and wines, or perhaps a panoramic view or even a movie star. If you were to choose one characteristic that defines France, it would be the absolute refusal to adhere to rules. It is the ability to shrug off criticism and continue on regardless of what others think. It has led to many wonderful things like the Citroen Ds and the croque monsieur. Citroen Visa and the French tendency to block the autoroute when the mood strikes are less desirable.

IWC Big Pilot Replica's past catalogue contains some of the most powerful expressions of Gallic independence. This latest addition to the IWC Big Pilot Replica Prive Collection celebrates the classic surrealist piece from the 1930s, the Tank Asymetrique. Louis IWC Big Pilot Replica's Tank was revolutionary when it was first conceived in 1917.IWC Replica Watches At the time, wearing an oval watch on your wrist, much less one that was modelled after a war machine, was considered a radical idea.

Louis IWC Big Pilot Replica, who introduced the Asymetrique in 1937, a Parallelogramme with a dial that was 30 degrees to right, gave the Tank countless incarnations. It may seem strange to place 12 o'clock at the top-right corner of a timepiece, but it is incredibly pleasing to their eyes. If you're asking yourself "why?," then perhaps this is not the watch for your style.

The new IWC Big Pilot Replica Tank Asymetrique comes with the 1917 MC manual-wind movement, which was first introduced on the Tonneau De IWC Big Pilot Replica in 2018. The new Asymetrique features redesigned Arabic numbers and indices. It is available in three different metals: pink gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Each watch is a limited edition 100-piece piece.

The skeleton is fitted with a specially designed 9623MC movement. The skeleton is available in gold or platinum with a brown, grey, or blue strap for CHF 60,500, or in gem-set platinum with a black, glossy, or blue strap for CHF 68.500. Each piece is part of a limited edition 100-piece numbered series.

IWC Big Pilot Replica's Prive collection has released limited editions since 2015 that are numbered and "highlight" the Maison's legendary timepieces. Previous releases include the Crash,panerai radiomir replica Tank Cintree, and Tonneau watches.

Tank Asymetrique

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Manual-winding 1917 MC movement in-house with 38-hour power reserve