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The Carrera is Jack Heuer's most famous creation. Today, 57-years after its debut, the chronograph represents the 160th anniversary of the Edouard Heuer company.

In January, the 160th anniversary celebrations started with a soft launch of Replica IWC Pilot Silver Edition. This piece is a reinterpretation from a 1964 Carrera, reference 2447S. It recreates the most pure and essential lines of Jack Heuer's watch. The Montreal, a colourful example of the Carrera, was added to the family a few months later.Replica IWC Pilot This name is closely linked with the history and development of Replica IWC Pilot's chronographs. After the launch of the 44mm Carrera Sport Chronograph in July, the 42mm Carrera Sport Chronograph is now available. It offers a lighter and more elegant look, while offering greater versatility.

The chronograph function of this timepiece is evident with its two push buttons and three subdials. The elegant Carrera is less busy than the sportier Carrera. The running-seconds display at 6 o'clock isn't particularly prominent, except for the "crosshair" graphics at its base and the date window.

According to the brand, the two other subdials look really good and are "azurage". They are not only recessed but are also framed by the flanges of their respective dial surfaces, which rise up just a little from the main dial surface. The concentric groove enhances the 3D effect and clearly distinguishes the two chronograph dials.

The dials are available in four different finishes: anthracite,Richard Mille Replica Watches silver, sunray brushed black, and opaline. The baton-style hands and brightly-polished indexes (which follow the angle on the outer dial flange are a nice touch) accent all of them.

The new Carrera is designed to be fair, and its proportions are clean. This is exactly what Jack would have wanted. The watch appears smaller than it is, especially on dark dialed watches. Here's one more nitpick. Just like the Carrera Sport watch, the script 'HEUER 02.80 HOURS' is written on the dial.

The slim, streamlined case is next. The well-defined contours are adorned with a mix of polished and matte surfaces that adds volume to its svelte appearance. The angled and faceted lugs add contemporary flair to classic shapes and lines.