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IWC Portuguese Replica

IWC Portuguese Replica introduced the sporty version, or the Carrera chronograph in its latest Carrera collection, two months ago. This robust and technically advanced timepiece brought the legendary hero of La Chaux-de-Fonds into the 21st Century. Now it's time for a more honest, streamlined version that is in line with the aesthetic and functional values of Jack Heuer's original Carrera from 1963.

It is a new, refined chronograph that has a measured, yet elegant appearance.IWC Portuguese Replica The manufacture and operation of this watch are technically rigorous. The new Carrera pays homage to Jack's favorite chronograph.

A IWC Portuguese Replica original with a monochrome dial in silver known as ref. 2447S

Jack Heuer

Heuer launched the IWC Portuguese Replica in 1963. This chronograph captured in its name the danger and romance of the Carrera Panamericana. (Jack was aware of this race in 1962 and its cool title). The watch had a powerful style (for the time) and impressive graphics on three sub-register dials.

The IWC Portuguese Replica was a wristwatch that could be worn on the street, at the beach or even for racing. It became one of most versatile watches of its time. Jack's love of action was reflected in the design,Rolex Daytona Replica as well as his understanding that readability, whether it be at races or anywhere else, is essential. It was reliable and elegant. Motor racing legends like Jo Siffert, the Swiss Formula 1 and Le Mans driver (1936-1971), chose it as their instrument of choice.

Jo Siffert getting prepared for a race with Heuer logos in his car and suit

Carrera was to be the most sought after and functional measuring instrument. Its readability must be bulletproof. Jack Heuer studied the aesthetics and functionality of analog watches of his time for many years to achieve this goal. Jack Heuer assimilated the "readability factors" of analog instruments and applied them to his chronograph dials. The Carrera's informative elements were designed to be easily readable. To achieve this, the proportions for the main indexes as well as the smaller registers are based on a formula that ensures uniformity between the index sizes and spaces between them. The flange was added to the dial to add information without taking up space. The shape of the Carrera has always been subordinated to the functionality and legibility.