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Moschino Sweaters Outlet, who was out running errands under the Los Angeles sun this weekend, added yet another "fit" to his ever-expanding Lookbook.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor left his streetwear behind to show off his ability to combine simple and well-fitted pieces to create a minimalist, strong summer look. The slim navy tee was paired with straight-leg trousers that were rolled at the cuff for a smart, subtle detail.

Jonah finished his look with his Saint Laurent sneakers.Moschino Outlet The white kicks added a flash of contrast to his otherwise monochromatic look, and ensured the Hollywood actor/writer/producer continues his current hot streak in the style game.

Moschino Sweaters Outlet, a skater, said: "See you later Gigi." Just popping out for some quick skating.

Moschino Sweaters Outlet, who had seen Jaden Smith's switch in style earlier in the week, produced his own demonstration of skateboarding proficiency as he left Gigi’s apartment in New York.

Moschino Sweaters Outlet showed us how to mix standard streetwear with key pieces that are curb-surfing to great effect.

To start his kit, he wore an oversized Johnny Cash shirt. Keeping things fail-safe and monochrome, he paired the boxy cut with some slim black jeans and a less-skateboard-appropriate pair of Chelsea boots.Moschino Other Bags Outlet The small orange beanie perched on his head and the round sunglasses might seem like a paradoxical combination, but they added a nice touch of colour to Moschino Sweaters Outlet’s otherwise black outfit.